It seems like the only time we think about our military risking their lives for our country is during the months of November and December.
Here at Blue Crush we like to think about and support them every day of the year!
Wouldn’t it be nice for them to receive packages all year around?
Please consider donating to our Men and Women.
Every time you donate an item or money, your name will go in a drawing for great prizes!

Suggestions for donations:
Bathroom items: razors, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap (bottled or bars), acne wash, women’s facial cleanser and moisturizer, toothpaste, tooth brush, mouth wash, floss, deodorant, nail clippers…etc.

Clothing Items: Black socks (short or long), Army green t-shirts, boxers, work- out clothes such as shorts, tees and sweats (all sizes)..etc.
Food: Non-perishable food items such as granola bars, protein bars, cookies, beef jerkey, boxed crackers such as cheese nips, chicken in a biscuit….etc.

Remember this is for the women as well as the men, so don’t forget them!

This is a great gesture for them all year round!

There is a box for donations and a jar for cash donations